Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A New Family Member

My daughter and I have been wanting a new dog.  We decided to adopt one before we close on the house I am buying.  We officially adopted her on June 11th from an animal shelter.  She is about a year old American Bulldog/Dalmatian, otherwise known as a Bullmatian.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Home Appraisal

I got my home appraisal back today, and it was good.  For how quickly the market is going up, I was a little nervous.  If the appraisal came back with the value of the home being less than I am borrowing, there would have been some serious issues.  So, needless to say, I am sighing with relief.
I am one step closer to home ownership!

Sunday, May 29, 2016


I have been so busy lately.  I work my full time job and drive for Uber on the side.  My biggest project lately is that I have decided to stay in this area and buy a house.  I currently have a house under contract and am super excited, but it will be a ton of work.  I am praying there are no snags before the closing and that everything goes well.

The stress of the matter is that when I do get into a house, I will have to rebuy all my house stuff again.  I left so much of that with my ex-boyfriend, that it makes me want to cry.  As I start pricing lawn mowers, yard tools, ladders and just tools for the house, it is overwhelming.  Of course that is not to mention paint and the paint brushes and all the stuff to fix the house up.

In the meantime, I have been trying to keep a low profile.  It's kinda like being pregnant and not wanting to jinx it by announcing it before the first trimester is complete.  I didn't want to mention the whole house thing until I felt that everything was going well.

So, pray for me that I can close on this house and that there will be no issues.  Once I get the house, expect a lot of photos and updates on renovations, etc.  I have already made a huge list of stuff I need to buy and all the fruit trees I want to grow.  I have a ton of work in front of me, but I couldn't be happier.

Now, I just have to get her done so that I can start this new adventure!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Super Busy

Sorry I have not posted lately.  I have been super busy with my 2 jobs and some other endeavors that I will reveal soon.  In the meantime, pray that everything works out for me.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Work Drama

The last few weeks there has been major work drama.  I have trying to stay out of it, but it has been difficult to say the least.  To sum up the situation, someone got a promotion over someone with a ton of seniority.  Needless to say the apple cart has been upset.

The conspiracy theories have been flying and the rumor mills have been churning at an excessive rate.  I have been trying to dodge it as much as possible, but the tension in the office can often be cut with a knife.  In fact my move to another office seems to be part of the plan for the whole promotion so I have been questioned as to whether I was privy to the plan.  Why they would think the new girl would know all the management agenda is beyond me.

So, laying low has become my motto that I live by, because I really don't need more drama in my life.  I mean I already live with a 17 year old.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Office on Monday

Monday I am moving permanently to our other office at work.  The second location is smaller and less busy, but is in an area that supports a wealthier demographic, so it is our swanky office.  I have only visited the office once for a meeting and the feel is very different than the crazy busy office where I have been working.  

I am both looking forward and dreading the move.  I am definitely not looking forward to the longer commute, but there will be less stress at the office that will be my new home.  I will have to determine if that is good or bad.  I like to be busy all day since it makes the day go so fast, so I don't know if I will like the slower pace office.  On the other hand, it will be nice to take the time to actually make sure everything is done 100% correct rather rushing through things because you have a line of people that need to be taken care of while the phones are ringing off the hook.  

I think that the slower office will really take my training to the next level.  The staff that is at my new location are knowledgeable so I will probably drive them crazy picking their brains for all the stuff that I haven't learned yet.   Because the office I was training in was short staffed, I definitely had a hands on training and often we were so busy that someone else would take over or I would just get a quick explanation on how something was supposed to be done.  At the new office, I think my training will definitely push me to the next level and I will hope to be an expert in another couple of months. 

In the busy office, I have met and like everybody, but with how busy we are, you don't really get to know anyone.  At the slower office, people tend to get to know each other better and I hear even the doctors are more relaxed at the slower office.  With my busy life, I like the idea of having friends at work, so I think I may enjoy the new office for this reason.  

The other good thing about my new position is that because it is a smaller office, there is less office politics.  Sometimes the finger pointing and the the competition at the bigger office gets in the way and creates a not so great atmosphere.  I am looking forward to be out of that environment.  

Of course, moving to the other office permanently does not mean I will never work at the busy office again.  All the front desk staff and techs for that matter, work rotating shifts at both offices.  So, I expect to work at the busy office at least once every other week if not more.  Also my rotating Saturday shift will also be at the busier office.  The good news about this too is that I have already met quite a few people from the smaller office because I have worked with them either on a Saturday or on a rotating weekday.  

The good news is that I found out I will be moving permanently to the smaller office before my lease is up this year, so now I can consider moving closer to my new workplace.  The options for that could be interesting.  Let's see what unfolds....

Sunday, April 24, 2016

No More Martyrdom

I have been in my current relationship for a little more than 6 months now.  I must say that I am very happy, however, I am finding that I am doing too much.  This is of course is no fault of my boyfriend's but of my own.  I have a history of sacrificing too much of myself to please other people.  I get to a point where I am no longer living for myself but for the other person.  This only creates resentment for everyone.  I feel like I am taken advantage of and then take it out on the other person which is totally unfair.

In this relationship I am trying to prevent myself from getting to this point.  I love doing everything for my boyfriend, but I rebel every so often and then he thinks I am crazy.  I have yet to find a middle ground on how to deal with this.  I really wish I knew how to live for me.  I am working on this and have asked God to show me how.  I was raised to serve others and to not think of myself, so I find it hard to put myself first.  When I do put myself first I have guilt and shame, so it is a constant struggle for me.

I am envious of women who can put themselves first and enjoy life to the fullest.  I must say that I am a happy person, but I find it hard to maintain when I am worried about whether I am pleasing someone else all the time.  My boyfriend is very appreciative of everything that I do for him and he is more giving and understanding than any guy I have ever dated.  I am so lucky to have him.  I am thankful for every day we have together.

Friday, April 22, 2016

My Tribute to Prince

I was devastated yesterday when I found out Prince had died.  He is an icon and such a talented individual who pushed through boundaries and showed the world how much of a difference one person could make.  

I have the same birthday as Prince, June 7th.  For this reason, I have always looked for similarities between us and I would like to think that I found many. I would like to think that I am creative, outgoing, a little outlandish, definitely quirky and eccentric and possibly bigger than just my name can convey.  And of course Prince was all those things and more.  I felt almost like I had some kind of kinship with him so his passing really touched me. 

I was a teen in the 80's so Prince was a huge part of my growing up.  His song Nikki was definitely the 16 year old equivalent of the 12 year old reading the graphic Judy Bloom books!  It was a taboo subject in mainstream society that we were all into but tried to keep hush hush from the parents!  Prince led a movement that allowed for individualism and creativity beyond anything that existed previously.  I think that mainstream society really does not even know the extent of his talent.  Prince not only recorded his own music, but he wrote hit after hit for other artists as well.  The tome of music that he created is vast and far reaching. It is amazing to even think that one person could create so much.  

Of course beyond that, Prince was leading a movement in individualism which allowed self expression and sensuality.  I do believe that even though Prince was never known as a homosexual, he opened many doors for those who are.  He blurred the lines of what it means to be a man or a woman and taught us that we can be both masculine and feminine and still be respected and loved.  

Prince will be greatly missed.  I suspect that we are yet to find out really how far his influence was since he did not brag about how he helped others.  I am sure people that he has helped and influenced with come out of the woodwork and we will realize that Prince really was bigger than his name.  

Rest in peace, Prince, you are in good company with Bowie this year.  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hunter was the Best Dog Ever

My dog Hunter, will be crossing the rainbow bridge this morning. I got Hunter in February of 2002, a mere month after our previous dog, Jordan, got hit by a car.  Hunter was about 6 months old when we got him and my kids were 5 & 3 at the time.  I received him from a shelter called "A New Leash on Life".  He was a rescue dog.  As a pup, he was found living in a gopher tortoise hole with a sibling.  He was rescued and adopted out to a young person for a few months.  He was returned back to the rescue group when his original parent couldn't have him in an apartment where they were living.  

When I got Hunter, his name was Eliot.  The kids and I picked out his new name and he took to it right away.  The rescue group and my veterinarian thought he was a sheltie mix and were surprised that he got as big as a border collie.  We never did find out his true linage, but suspect he was border collie/sheltie.  From the picture you could see that he had a ton of hair, but his bone structure was rather small.  At his highest weight, he was only 50 pounds.  

About a month after I got Hunter was when my ex-husband and I split up  Hunter was there for me and the kids through that whole ordeal.  When I started seeing someone new, John, he and Hunter became close.   If you have been following me, you know that I split with my ex-boyfriend, John, in August of 2014.  My ex had a nice house and I was moving to a cramped apartment, so I left my geriatric dog, Hunter, with John.  Since that time, I have visited Hunter as much as I can.  It broke my heart to leave him, but I made the sacrifice because staying with my ex was the best thing for Hunter. 

I received a text from John yesterday to inform me that he made the decision to put Hunter down today. It was long overdue.  Because I was visiting him, I could see the deterioration better than my ex who was seeing him every single day.  It was only now that Hunter cannot get up on his own or stand very well, that my ex came to the conclusion that it is time.  

My ex made an appointment to have it done this morning and is going with his ex-wife.  I really cannot believe that I cannot be with my dog in his final moments, so I said goodbye to him yesterday.  Just another reason to confirm why John is an "ex".  

Hunter really was the best dog ever.  He was loving. gentle, polite and well mannered.  I really should have had him be a therapy dog, but I never went through the classes.  It wasn't until he got old that he started not to listen as much and couldn't handle change.  

I remember when my daughter was young and she would put tutus and tiaras on Hunter.  He was so patient and sweet to her.  He always liked everybody and he got a lot of attention because of how beautiful he was. In the springtime, I would brush him and let his fur fly into the yard where the doves would collect it for their nests.  He loved the squirrels in John's back yard and would protect them from the local cats.  I guess because he was a herding breed, he adopted the squirrels as his charge and they would all come down out of the trees and feed when Hunter was in the yard because they knew they were safe.  

He did chase cats and larger animals like armadillos.  I remember once when wild peacocks came into our yard and that really freaked Hunter out.  He did chase them and I suspect that was because they are so big since he had never chased smaller birds.  After that I always tried to keep him in the house if the peacocks or wild turkeys were around.  

As Hunter crosses over the rainbow bridge this morning, I am sure he knows that he is loved.  He will get to meet my previous dog, Jordan, and someday I will see them again. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Weekday Off

I have today off since I have to work on Saturday.  Now that I am fully trained at work, they have started scheduling me on Saturdays.  I have to work about every other Saturday.  I don't like only having one day at a time off, but since today is a weekday and my daughter is at school and my boyfriend is working, I am getting a lot done.  I have been up since before 6 am and have been working on stuff at home all morning.  It is amazing what you can get done when no one else is around.  

I really hate spending my day off doing laundry, cleaning, doing paperwork and paying bills, but it has to be done.  I am already on my 3rd load of laundry this morning.  I am trying to motivate myself to wash my car and maybe drive Uber this afternoon.  I could really use the extra money to pay down some bills.  I also have some things in the works that I will need some capital for, so I am trying to save for that as well.  I will update you guys on that when I have some concrete plans.  

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Boards on a Boardwalk

I went for a walk today at Turkey Creek Sanctuary.  I have not been there in a very long time and miss it dearly.  It is a nature park in the middle of the city of Palm Bay.  There are trails and a boardwalk that you can walk through.  It is magnificent.   A place to convene with nature that is right under our nose.   I took lots of pics and will uploading them into another post later.  

As I was walking, contemplating life, and enjoying nature, I looked down and noticed a memorialized board that spoke volumes to me.  On the boardwalk, people can donate money and have sayings or names, or whatever etched on the boards for all to see.  The above pic is of some of those boards.  The particular board I ran across was a board that had a man and a woman's name and stated that they will love each other forever.  It is very touching, until you realize that this couple (I am friends with the woman) went through a horrific divorce about 4 years ago.  Yet the declaration on the boardwalk still remains.  I wonder if my friend realizes that the board is still there.  And if she does, I wonder if it prevents her from going to the sanctuary and I wonder how many people tell her when they stumble across it.  

It makes you realize how fragile relationships really are.  I know that my friend thought she and her husband were just going through a rough patch and he left her abruptly for another woman.  My friend was devastated.  Yet, in this park there is a reminder of happier times, or at least the illusion of happier times.  It seems surreal.  A constant reminder of loss is on the boardwalk until that particular board disintegrates to a point that it will need to be replaced.  I wonder how many other boards have similar stories.  

As I was trying to sort out my own life, I was thinking about all these people that put their relationships out there for the world to see and wonder how many are still together.  With divorce rates what they are, probably not many are still together.  So, not only was I walking over memorial boards, but also boards that memorialized relationships that no longer exist.  I guess in a world where so many things are throw away and not permanent, I guess boards on a boardwalk are about as permanent as you get....  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

I Have that Face

Image result for woman in shadow

I have learned over the years that I have a familiar face.  There are other women out there that look just like me.  I get mistaken for someone else all the time.  In fact, I have had people that I have met argue with me that I am someone else.  Seriously?  I know who I am and who I have always been, and you are going to convince me otherwise?  What kind of insanity is that?  

I was working with a patient the other day at work and she made a comment that I had been working there a long time.  I advised her that I have only been at this job for a little over a month.  She swore that I have been there for years.  Really, why would I lie about that?  

When I started dating my boyfriend, one of his good friends thought I was someone else with quite a bad reputation.  When I met her, she acted like she knew me even though it was the first time I had ever spoken to her.  She asked me where I hung out and I told her and she didn't believe me and swore that I was the other person.  My boyfriend got paranoid and even took me to the establishment where my doppelganger hangs out to see if anyone there knew me.  Of course, no one did, so he finally had resolution with no more doubts.  

I always wonder if I have seen these women that supposedly look like me and never recognized them. Would I even recognize someone who looks like me?  It's not like I look in a mirror all day, so other people see me more than I see myself, so I wonder if I would recognize myself.  That is indeed a strange thought.  Maybe we run into each other and don't recognize someone who looks similar to ourselves.  It is all very bizarre.  

Do you have a doppelganger or two?  I must have several or the one or two I have must really get around a lot.  I just hope they never commit any crimes and I get pulled into a lineup because I look like them.  If people I converse with cannot tell the difference, how would an eyewitness know the difference.  That is a scary thought.  

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Uber After Dark - Spring Break

Uber seems to be a little slower since we are out of the the Spring Break season.  I didn't expect to be busy during spring break since Melbourne is not really a spring break destination.  But, there were nights when most of my pickups were spring breakers.  Most of these spring breakers either had parents that they were visiting here and they brought friends with them.  Or the local college kids (we have Florida Tech here) were hosting spring breakers from other schools.

I had a lot of pickups and drop offs at local college parties.  There were also quite a few college kids that were in the downtown bar area where I do most of my Ubering (is that a word? lol).  No surprises there.  

What did surprise me was that most of the college kids are more polite than the general population.  I get a lot more "yes ma'am's" than I normally do.  I found this really odd considering that the spring break crowd were considerably more drunk than my other pickups.  Only with the spring break crowd have I seen drunks picked up from a horizontal position to be put in my car by their caring friends.  There was a lot of helping others walk, and general drunkenness.  

One good thing about driving Uber is that when you deal with these drunken groups, there is always at least one caregiver in the group that is looking out for everyone else.  This is a given considering the fact that someone had to have the foresight and responsibility to even arrange for an Uber pickup.  I am not sure how the groups that did not have a responsible person with them got home, but I do know that there are a lot of responsible college kids that utilize Uber and look out for their friends too!  

I had a pickup last night from a college girl and she was telling me how she loves Uber.  She does not use it all the much herself because she plays college sports, but she loves it for her friends.  It was obvious that she is the caregiver of all her friends.  She said before Uber came to Melbourne she was constantly getting phone calls in the middle of the night from drunken friends that needed a ride home.  She said that now all her friends use Uber and she is relieved that she no longer has the duty to be the designated driver for everyone.  

It is stories like these that make me glad I am an Uber driver.  I do like making the money, but mostly, I like the feeling that Uber is a service to the community.  We are keeping drunk drivers off the road.  

And to all you Spring Breaker's:   thanks for using Uber and be especially kind to that caregiver in your group.  I have seen what they have to put up with, and they deserve some kudos!  

Saturday, April 2, 2016

My Honey Bought a Truck

My honey bought a truck.  It is a 2000 Ford Ranger, so it is an old truck, but it is in good shape and reliable.  He got a good deal on it because he bought it from the company he works for.  The only problem is that now we have to get all the company logos off of it and it will probably need a new paint job too.  

I am happy because my boyfriend only had a work truck before so he could not use it for personal use.  So, for everything outside of work, he was borrowing my car.  I don't mind sharing, but there were times when I wanted to drive for Uber but I didn't want to leave him without transportation.  Now, I can pretty much work Uber whenever I want, which is a good thing.  

Of course there are all the benefits of having a truck too.  If/when I ever get into a house again, a truck will be very useful  

Monday, March 28, 2016

Still Training at Work

I have had my job at the optometrists' office for about a month now and I am still in training.  I just started training on checkout today.  I cannot believe how long it is taking to get me completely trained.  And once I am trained, I still will not know everything because it takes a long time to learn the ins and outs of all the insurances.  Of course, once I feel like I know what I am doing, then the insurance companies will change the rules.  The good news is that there will always be something to learn.

I must say that everyday, the office is very busy.  That is good because it makes time go by really fast.  There is very little down time and there are so many functions that the front desk takes care of that work often piles up.  It is amazing how many people I get to meet everyday too.  There are about 50 appointments a day, so I get to see a lot of people which is a great change from my last job.  At my last job, I didn't interact with customers all that much and only saw my technicians in the morning before they went to jobs.  I spent most of the day in the office by myself.  I don't have that problem at this job at all.

This week I am receiving my 2nd full paycheck and I am glad to say that I am caught up on bills again.  Thank goodness.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

It Just Doesn't Feel Like Easter

I am having a hard time getting into the Easter Holiday this year.  I have not settled on a new church yet, so I probably will not go to church tomorrow.  Also, I no longer have any small kids, so there is no Easter bunny excitement at home either.

In fact my ex-husband is in town, so my daughter is going to brunch with him tomorrow, so I won't even be cooking a fancy dinner.  I guess I will spend Easter Sunday just like any Sunday and do laundry and clean.  I will spend some time in prayer and read the bible, but other than that, it will be another day.  

I didn't drive Uber last night, so I guess I will drive all night tonight to make some money and since I can sleep in tomorrow if I am not going to Easter Service.  Or maybe I will just stay up to late and go to the beach at dawn to celebrate Easter as the sun rises over the Atlantic.  I will bask in the glory of God and thank him for everything he has given me, including his Son. I do have a lot to be thankful for and I sincerely believe God is not done with me yet.

May you have a Great Easter!  Mine will be peaceful and I am looking forward to it.

Monday, March 21, 2016

I Have Been Moody

I don't know what my problem has been, but I have been really moody lately.  My poor boyfriend has been getting the brunt of it which is totally unfair to him.  Thank goodness he is a good guy and has not thrown me to the curb.

I don't know why I have been so moody.  I am not usually like this.  I guess maybe having a new job has me stressed out as well as the financial issues of not working for awhile.  Of course there are also the issues of being in a relationship and the uncertainties of that.  And living with a moody 17 year old girl that thinks she knows everything is no walk in the park.

I wonder if maybe hormones could be contributing to my moodiness.  I have noticed that in the last 6 months, I have had PMS worse than I have in a very long time.  I have been reading a little about going through the change and some women have hormonal rage.  Gee, I hope I don't have that!  Life and relationships are tough enough without hormones causing more drama.

I have decided that I need to just shake out of it.  Yesterday, I had some alone time and worked on clearing my head and enjoying life.  I am going to choose to be in a good mood and to be happy.  I am off to a good start today.  Overall, I have a very good life and I am going to celebrate that every day!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I Have Given My Worries to God

I have been worrying too much lately.  My time off work resulted in mounting bills and just the general worries of life have left me a little overwhelmed.  I have resolved that I am giving my worries to God.  He can handle them and direct me on how I should proceed.  Meanwhile, I am starting fresh with no burdens to weigh me down.  Life is Good and I see a Bright Future Before Me!

Friday, March 18, 2016

No Uber Last Night

This water conserving method of landscaping is especially valuable in ...

I didn't drive Uber last night.  I was hoping to because I need the money after paying for my daughter's prom dress, but I wasn't feeling well.  I had a headache and upset stomach all night.  Besides, my car is still covered with pollen from the week and it needs to be washed before I drive for Uber.

Here in Florida, we don't have to worry about snow on our vehicles, but several times of year our cars get covered by pollen.  My car has a yellow film on it and when you try to wash your windshield the pollen gums up into a paste.  It really is disgusting.  Luckily my apartment complex has a car wash area, so when I get home from work today, I will have to wash my car so I can drive Uber tonight.  I just hope this weekend is fairly busy with Uber since I didn't drive on St. Patrick's Day.

In the meantime, everyone here is dealing with the ridiculous amounts of pollen....

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  I expect everyone will be out drinking green beer tonight.  I guess I should drive Uber because demand is expected to be high.  Everyone please be safe and may the Luck of the Irish be with you!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Getting into a Routine

I am in week 4 of my new job now.  When I first started working again, I was exhausted all the time.  I have finally learned enough that it is not overwhelming anymore and I am falling into a routine.  In fact, this weekend I was able to drive for Uber on both Friday and Saturday nights and I am still not as tired as I was the first week I started back to work.

I am glad that I am getting used to this routine because I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to juggle everything.  Of course, I have my daughter and my boyfriend to thank for some of it.  They really help and do not demand too much of me so that I can focus on work.

I must say that I am really enjoying my job.  I like the people I work with and it is so busy that time just flies.  There is very little to no down time at all during a day.  In fact sometimes it is difficult to get bathroom breaks in.  I find that amazing considering we usually have 4-5 receptionists working.  Of course, I am still training, so I slow down my trainer some.

Overall I must say my life is pretty good right now.  God has been very good to me and I am thankful for this wonderful life that I am living.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My First Time Mudding

Did I mention that my boyfriend is a redneck?  A lot of people were surprised when we started dating because I pull off being a soccer mom so well.  They forget however that I grew up in Kentucky around a lot of rednecks.  So, hanging with my boyfriend feels like home to me.  

Well, after a long night of driving Uber on Saturday night, I had very little sleep and we went mudding Sunday morning.  I think my boyfriend thought I wouldn't like it because I come off as conservative and he has never really seen my adventurous side, but I loved it.  

There was a whole group of us that went which consisted of 5 vehicles.  That was a good thing because the mucky marshy area we were in had lots of obstacles and we had to pull vehicles out many times.  There were sandy trails and swimming holes too, it was really a great day.  

Unfortunately, I wish we had our own ATV.  Of course, we would have to get a truck to pull it too.  I keep telling myself "baby steps" since I am still recovering financially from being without a job for awhile.  But now, I have added these goals to my future.  

I love Florida nature.  I want to get kayaks again, and now an ATV.  In fact a cabin in the woods sounds nice too.  lol  I really need to win the lottery.  But in the meantime I am looking forward to going mudding again.  And I still have yet to get my boyfriend out in a kayak or on hiking trails.  

Friday, March 11, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Festivities This Weekend!

This weekend starts St. Patrick's Day Festivities here in Melbourne, FL.  Saturday, March 12 we have the parade in downtown and then our most prominent Irish bar is celebrating the Meg O'Malley's Shamrockin 17th Annual Festival , with bagpipers, Irish dancers, performers, free concerts and plenty of Irish beer.  Downtown will be rocking the whole weekend.

I will enjoy some of the activities, especially the parade, but I will not be drinking this weekend because I really want to drive Uber.  I didn't drive at all last weekend and I still have yet to receive a full paycheck from my new job, so I want to earn some money from Uber this weekend.  I am hoping I will be very busy.

I have been taking naps most days so that I can be rested up so I can drive Uber all night Friday and Saturday.  I will probably only drive until about 8PM on Sunday, but we will see.  I will see whether people are all partied out by that time or if demand is still high.  I expect to see surge pricing this weekend, but only time will tell.

After the weekend, I will try to rest up so I can also work late driving Uber on Thursday since that is actually the 17th.  I expect people will go out on Thursday night too.  There are no plans downtown form next weekend, but I suspect downtown may be busy then also since that weekend will actually be closer to the holiday.  I am hoping for 2 good Uber weekends back to back.  If that happens, I think I can get caught up on bills from when I was unemployed for so long.

I will just have to manage my time well since I am working full time, and Uber requires me to stay up later.  Unfortunately, I am not 25 anymore, and I need my beauty rest. I am looking forward to a good couple of weekends.  I have quite a bit of Irish in me, so I am counting on the luck of the Irish to pull this off.  And may the Luck of the Irish be with you too!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

One Night

I am a word and language nerd.  This is a story that was written in only short simple sentences.  

One Night  

 by Michelle Saunderson

The red sun fills the sky.  A purple shadow is cast on the ground.  People stare in awe.  Clouds shift in the kaleidoscope.  The moment is only brief.  Dusk follows.  A dog barks.  Lightening bugs twinkle in the grass.  A couple sits on a porch.  The smell of barbecue fills the air.  Children laugh.  The nightly news is heard through the window.  A siren is in the distance.  A woman jogs.  Crickets begin to chirp.  Frogs bellow in the pond.  The moon is full.  The streetlights come on.  Children retreat to their homes. Parents call for the lingering kids.  A howling begins.  The houses light up one by one.  Children are tucked into their beds.  A faint hint of jasmine can be smelled.  Cars idle down the street.  Teenagers return home from dates.  A girl is exchanging her first kiss.  Kisses are interrupted by porch lights.  Parents wait by the door.  A nervous father paces.  Cats squabble on the corner.  Children wet their beds.  A woman works till dawn.  A man makes a midnight snack.  Teens sneak a midnight movie.  People snore.  Novels are read.  Arguments are fought.  Love is made.  The world stands still.  A soft glow fills the horizon.  A sliver of light emerges.  Alarm clocks ring.  Coffee is brewed.  Breakfast is cooked.  Dogs are let outside for relief.  Children wipe sleepy eyes.  Traffic fills the roads.  Radios are heard.  Televisions are watched.  The temperature is increasing.  The sun slowly rises.  Birds begin to sing.  Crickets are at rest.  The red sun fills the sky.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My First Gay Wedding

I went to my first gay wedding this past Saturday.  I was excited because I am good friends with the couple and I was curious as to if there would be any differences from weddings I had been to in the past.

It turns out that there was one huge difference in the wedding, and that was the fact that nobody pressured them to get married.  There was no friends telling the groom that she needs to "make her an honest woman" or relatives pushing for son-in-laws, or for them to get married to start a family.  It became clear that this was a joining of two people without any outside pressure.  And it was beautiful!

The vows were so well written and touching that tears were flowing.  I saw a couple  in love that really just want to spend the rest of their lives together, which was refreshing.  I have been to many weddings over the years where the thought that crossed my mind was "this couple should not be getting married".  This did not cross my mind Saturday and I felt like this couple really do belong together.

As far as the service, it was an outside wedding in Florida, so perfect.  It was a traditional wedding in every way other than the bride and groom were both female.  Everything was executed wonderfully and I had a really great time.  It was a great night with friends that I will remember for a long time.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

No Uber This Weekend

Unfortunately, I was unable to drive Uber this weekend.  Friday night I turned it on for a couple of hours around 7:30 PM and didn't get a call by 9:00 PM.  By that time, I was so exhausted from my week, that I just went home and slept.

I am enjoying my new job, but the schedule is killing me.  My daughter has an 11:00 PM bedtime, so I feel like I need to stay up until then, but then my boyfriend gets up at 5:15 everyday.  So, if I fall asleep right away, I am only getting 6 hours of sleep a night which is not enough for me.  I need a minimum of 7 hours even though I do even better with 8 hours a night.  So, by the time the weekend comes around I am dealing with sleep deprivation and am exhausted.

I did get plenty of sleep on Friday since I went home early, but I still couldn't drive Uber on Saturday night because I attended a wedding.  The wedding was at 5:00 PM and I never got home until around 11;30 PM, and didn't have the energy to drive Uber when I got home.

I know I am going to regret not driving Uber this weekend since I will not get a paycheck this coming week. But, I can't change how that worked out.

Friday, March 4, 2016

My Son Came Home Yesterday!

When I came home from work yesterday, my son was home.  For those of you that do not know, he is away at college at the University of Florida. They are on spring break this week. My son and some friends went to the keys this past weekend and then he spent some time in Miami before he came home.

I only have him for maybe two nights because he either leaves Saturday or Sunday to go back to school, but I am happy none the less.  I really wish I didn't have to work while he is here, but I do.  In fact I will be busy much of this weekend.

Because I have only been at my full time job a short amount of time, I only got paid for about 30 hours for the check I received this week and will not get paid again for another 2 weeks.  This is fine, but that means I really need to drive Uber this weekend so that I have money next week.  In addition, I am going to a wedding tomorrow.  So, that will make for a long weekend since I will be up all night Friday and Saturday driving Uber.

But in the meantime, I get to see glimpses of my son, who I am thrilled to see.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


This is a poem I wrote in a creative writing course in college.  It reminds me that I can persevere through anything.


by Michelle Saunderson

I stand alone in a field of green.  My roots anchor me on a gentle sloping hill overlooking a serene pond.  Last summer a calf drowned in the pond.  I do not know why, I just know that scavengers picked at the bloated corpse.  Bones remain to remind the living of their own impending fate.  I can hear frogs splashing, retreating to the pond’s murky depths.  They croak like dying men.

            A wrinkle for each year tells me that I am twenty, merely an adolescent, yet I have grown large and strong.  My shade beckons all that come to my field, including the robins that nest in my boughs.  My leaves are a parade of hands, waving in the wind.  In my trunk, a heart is carved, a scar of temporary love.  The initials are engraved forever in my skin. 

            Though I try to control my life, the seasons rule me.  Cycles of fortune or tragedy persist.  My livelihood is determined by outside influences to which I must respond.  I must face droughts, floods, disease, and man’s menacing ax with the vigor of a sapling.  My bark is my only protection, a shield against all dangers, yet it too can be penetrated.  I am defenseless against an entourage of perils. 

            Spring brings a time of growth.  Buds are my fingertips, groping for sunlight.  My roots drink in the season’s first showers greedily.  The field around me transforms from a dingy taupe to a lustrous green.  A woman brings a toddler to my field to see the suckling calves and to chase butterflies. 

            During the summer I am magnificent.  Chlorophyll fills my veins and my limbs grow strong and agile.  I am forever reaching to new heights, reaching to the sun.  I am a home to birds, squirrels, and chipmunks.  The grass is an established green around me, daisies bloom above my roots.  A small child in a nearby farmhouse seeks comfort in me, reading silently in my shade.

            When autumn comes, my richness fades.  My twigs become brittle like arthritic bones.  My leaves change to blazing colors of yellow, orange, and blood red.  Beetles bore into my bark.  Veins harden, allowing leaves to become aged newspapers, crinkling in the breeze.  Animals begin storing their wealth within my trunk, while I shed all signs of life.  What had once been my pride is raked into bags to be put upon compost piles by middle aged and elderly men. 

            By winter I am a skeleton, gray as a granite tombstone.  The field becomes my winter grave.  Not until spring will I live again, until then, I am naked to the world.   

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Meaningful Work to Make a Difference

ways to make the world a better place 4 simple ways to make the world ...

When I was looking for work, one of the things that I was looking for was a job where I could make a difference.  Not that I expect to save the world, but I wanted a job that I could feel good about.  In the past, I have had some sales jobs where the whole purpose was to try to get the most money out of people.  There was always an up-sale and a kind of sleaziness to the whole process.  I was trying to avoid that if I could when finding a job this time.

I am happy to say that I succeeded.  My position at the optometrists' office is a needed position and I am part of the process to help people see better.  Not much can be better than that.  I get the benefit of helping people, working in healthcare which is a great field, and I do not have deal with extreme trauma or the demise of patients.  The fact that I am too empathetic and get attached to people is the reason I have avoided healthcare up to this point.  I don't have what it would take to become a nurse or a doctor because I have difficulty detaching from emotions.  I would be crying myself to sleep every night if I worked in fields such as oncology, trauma or hospice.  I really don't know how people work in those fields and kudos to them for doing it, because those really are a great service to people.

As far as Uber, I didn't think that I would get the feeling that driving people around would make a difference, but I do.  I think Uber is a great service to a community.  I have heard so many instances of people being more willing to leave a car at home because Uber is reliable and less expensive than a cab.  Uber is keeping drunk drivers off the road which is saving lives every day.  Also for my daytime calls, they have mostly been rides to work.  So Uber is helping people keep their jobs.  Now that is really making a difference.

So, not only did I get a job that makes a difference and serves people and community with a higher purpose, but I got 2 jobs.  I can work at both with the feeling of "how can I help people today?"  Now that puts a smile on my face.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Oh No a Motorcycle!

I am excited.  My boyfriend got a motorcycle today.  It is used, needs some work and needs to be properly registered, so we can't ride yet...but he got a motorcycle!  I have not had a boyfriend with a motorcycle since college.  I am already dreaming of the days when I was young riding on the back of a bike with my guy (s).

In fact when I think about it, most of boyfriends in college had motorcycles.  Of course that made sense because I was always attracted to those bad boys.  Weren't we all?  My ex-husband was the first guy I dated in like a 3 year span that didn't have a bike.  For some reason he didn't like them at all.  I still don't understand it.  There was a time when I tried to talk him into getting one, but that got shot down.

Then there was my most recent ex-boyfriend who didn't like motorcycles either.  So, I conceded and resigned myself to the fact that I would never have another guy with a motorcycle again.  By that time it had been about 15 years since I had been on one.  Now that time of not being on a bike is about 25 years.  Wow, that makes me feel old.

But lo and behold, my new guy just bought a motorcycle!  Woohoo!  I am in hog heaven (not literally, he got a Yamaha), but needless to say I am excited.  There is nothing quite like the wind in your hair and the feeling of sitting on that much power.  It is an amazing feeling.

It's time like these that I am glad that I live 1000 miles away from my family, because my mother dearly hates bikers.  She would condemn my boyfriend before even meeting him if she knows he has a motorcycle.  It wouldn't matter that he is a great guy, the fact he is a "biker" would foreshadow everything else.  And we won't even mention the fact that he has tattoos.  I am going to hell for sure for dating a guy like that, at least according to my mom.

That really sucks though because I really hate to hide things or to not be completely honest.  But on the other hand, I really don't want to open that can of worms.  Why do people have to be so judgmental?

I will have to contemplate how to handle this with the wind in my hair riding behind my guy who is nothing but amazing to me.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Juggling it All

It seems within the last week suddenly my life has become very hectic.  I went from being unemployed to having 2 jobs.  My full time job is taking all of my attention and have been coming home tired every night.  Just trying to get dinner and laundry done has become a major chore. 

I have never wanted to be a supermom that handles everything.  I always refused to work full time, do 100% of the housecleaning, meals and home upkeep and all the child care.  That is how I became a stay at home mom for many years because I could never get my husband or boyfriend to help me.  Now, I have it easier.  I have no child care since my daughter is 17 years old and has her own car and my boyfriend helps out some but I still feel like I am juggling.  I guess I need to get into a routine.  

Tonight I will be driving Uber since it is the weekend, so I will get little sleep.  The sleep deprivation over the weekends is probably contributing to my exhaustion during the week.  If only I could sleep in.  It seems the older I get, the earlier I wake up on weekends.  I may have to look into some sleep aids to help me out.  

I know I will succeed with this juggling of jobs and home, but it will take time and planning.  Also, I need to work on being more productive.  I cannot just plop down on the couch after dinner and watch TV, I have to make sure the laundry is started or be working on something else.  

This adventure called life is proving to be quite interesting.  How do you juggle your everything in your life?  Do you ever drop the ball?  And what are the consequences when you do?  

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day 2 of Training at My New Job Complete

Optometry: a field ready for innovation |

I just completed day 2 of training for my new job and I must say I am enjoying it.  Since I am new to the healthcare industry, there is a lot to learn.  I really cannot even believe how much I have learned in just 2 days.  I have come home both nights exhausted and drained just from dealing with the volume of information I am taking in each day.

As I was slightly overwhelmed yesterday, I asked my boss how long training would be.  I was trying to learn everything so fast and was worried that I would have to have learned everything in a week.  I was relieved when she said that training was going to be at least 3 weeks long.  That amount of time, I can handle.  Will I be an expert, no, but I totally intend to outperform all the former trainees.  Yes, I am competitive.  But, I really think I am going to rock at this job.

One thing that I really like about this job is that there are really 3 different functions to it.  There is check-in, which I am learning now, there are charts, and then there is check-out.  So, even though there is a lot of repetition in the job, you get to play different roles on different days or even within the same day which breaks up any monotony.  Also, as everybody in customer service knows, people are wild cards, so there is an unlimited amount of scenarios that can occur because we are dealing directly with people.

I am glad to be in the healthcare field.  Applying for job, I learned that health care is where there are openings and growth.  As the baby boomer generation ages, health care will just keep expanding.  Of course I am at a Optometrists' office, so we deal with every age group.  This type of office is ideal for me because I get emotionally attached to people and am too empathetic, so there are certain areas of healthcare that I know I could probably never work (oncology, hospice).

Another great thing about this job is that it allows movement.  I have worked jobs where it is frowned upon if you get up and move away from your cubicle.  It is like your own little cubicle prison.  This job requires that we walk to a different room to deliver charts and interact with the technicians and the optical personnel.  I wear an activity tracker and have walked about 6000 steps each of the last 2 days at work.  Woohoo!  Exercise at work, I am all for it.

I am excited to be at this new job.  I think it is a good fit for me.  I really think I can excel there and I plan to.  And I must say that as I receive all the emails for all the job openings that are available in the workplace, I am glad that I am past the whole application/rejection letter process and am grateful for this job.  Life is good.