Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day 2 of Training at My New Job Complete

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I just completed day 2 of training for my new job and I must say I am enjoying it.  Since I am new to the healthcare industry, there is a lot to learn.  I really cannot even believe how much I have learned in just 2 days.  I have come home both nights exhausted and drained just from dealing with the volume of information I am taking in each day.

As I was slightly overwhelmed yesterday, I asked my boss how long training would be.  I was trying to learn everything so fast and was worried that I would have to have learned everything in a week.  I was relieved when she said that training was going to be at least 3 weeks long.  That amount of time, I can handle.  Will I be an expert, no, but I totally intend to outperform all the former trainees.  Yes, I am competitive.  But, I really think I am going to rock at this job.

One thing that I really like about this job is that there are really 3 different functions to it.  There is check-in, which I am learning now, there are charts, and then there is check-out.  So, even though there is a lot of repetition in the job, you get to play different roles on different days or even within the same day which breaks up any monotony.  Also, as everybody in customer service knows, people are wild cards, so there is an unlimited amount of scenarios that can occur because we are dealing directly with people.

I am glad to be in the healthcare field.  Applying for job, I learned that health care is where there are openings and growth.  As the baby boomer generation ages, health care will just keep expanding.  Of course I am at a Optometrists' office, so we deal with every age group.  This type of office is ideal for me because I get emotionally attached to people and am too empathetic, so there are certain areas of healthcare that I know I could probably never work (oncology, hospice).

Another great thing about this job is that it allows movement.  I have worked jobs where it is frowned upon if you get up and move away from your cubicle.  It is like your own little cubicle prison.  This job requires that we walk to a different room to deliver charts and interact with the technicians and the optical personnel.  I wear an activity tracker and have walked about 6000 steps each of the last 2 days at work.  Woohoo!  Exercise at work, I am all for it.

I am excited to be at this new job.  I think it is a good fit for me.  I really think I can excel there and I plan to.  And I must say that as I receive all the emails for all the job openings that are available in the workplace, I am glad that I am past the whole application/rejection letter process and am grateful for this job.  Life is good.

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