Saturday, February 20, 2016

Driving for Uber...I'm Loving It

I started driving for Uber on Tuesday.  I drove Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Tuesday and Wednesday I was available limited time during the day and Friday I became available to work around 6 PM and worked through the night.

Let me say that I am really enjoying Uber!  Most of my daytime fares have been people getting rides to work.  And of course, last night (which was a Friday) most of my fares were to drop off or pick up at bars.  Let me just tell you that Uber After Dark, as I will call weekend night pickups, are entertaining to say the least.

My last job was as the only admin in a company where all the other local employees were technicians that went to job sites.  At that job I was alone in the office for usually 6 hours a day by myself.  That may seem nice to you, but I am someone that likes to be around people.  Not that I have to be talking to them constantly, though I am a talker, but I just like being around people.  This is one of the reasons I am loving Uber, I get to meet a lot of people. Every fare is a new face.

So far the demographics for my fares has been under 35 (most college age) and Caucasian. I did have one guy that was older than me, but he was with two younger people.  I also had one African-American passenger, who was well educated I might add.  My college age son said that Uber is a hipster thing which would be on par for the demographics that I have encountered.

What I will say is that everyone that I have given a ride to has been really nice and polite.  We hear these bad stories about millennials and how awful they are, but I have only had good experiences with them so far.  Another surprise is how chatty the 20 somethings are.  I got the impression that this age group only communicates via devices and cannot hold a real conversation.  I thought my kids were an exception, but evidently I was wrong because I have had some terrific conversations since I have been driving Uber.

I survived the first few days of driving and my first Uber After Dark without too much trouble other than a lack of sleep.  My car is unscathed and actually still clean.  No one even tried to smoke or bring drinks in the car other than water bottles.  I was surprised.

Overall, I am loving driving for Uber.  Would I do it full time?  Probably not since after I had been in the car over 3 hours straight I definitely walked like a 90 year old.  My joints were stiff and my body reminded me that I am not as young as my passengers.  lol.  Also, my full time job pays more.  Will I continue driving for Uber?  Absolutely, I will have a great time with Uber as my 2nd job.

And for drunk stories, they are coming.  I think I will write a series of "Uber After Dark" posts if I get enough material.  Right now I need more stories and I want to figure out how to tell the stories so people can still remain anonymous.

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