Wednesday, February 17, 2016

One Goal Completed!

If you read my post, Establishing Goals for My Journey, you may remember that my first and foremost goal was to become gainfully employed.  I am glad to say that I accepted a full time position today.  I am waiting to hear back when orientation will be and we are hoping I can start on Monday.  I will be working in a Doctors' office, and I am very excited.  I have been wanting to break into the medical field, and now I have finally done just that.

Woohoo!  I am doing my snoopy dance.  I really can't believe that I landed 2 jobs in one week, this office job and driving for Uber.  I will continue to drive for Uber whenever I get the chance.  I am sure that will be pretty often.  Since my daughter is old enough she doesn't really need me anymore and my boyfriend works really long hours, I am often left to my own devices. I will use that time to pick up rides for Uber.

Now the fun begins.  I was already juggling writing my blog, trying to set up new revenue sources, spending time on housework and my hobbies.  Since I now have 2 jobs, I will have to become a pro at being productive and prioritizing my time.  I may pull my hair out a few times, but I know I can handle it.  Heck, after raising kids, this seems like child's play.

It feels really nice to be able to check off one goal, now I just need to work on my other 8 goals.  Ha!  That sounds so daunting.  I have already started to lose weight, we will see if that continues.  I am trying out new churches, which is interesting to say the least, and I am starting to work on my creativity and letting the artist inside of me wake up again.  I am well on my way to completing all my goals.

I am loving this journey that I am on and really love this adventure I call life!  

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