Friday, February 19, 2016

Why I Write/Blog

Since I have started a blog again, I have been surprised at how many people have never heard of a blog.  Once I explain what a blog is, then I get the question "why would you want to do that?".  I have discovered that I couldn't come up with a simple reason that was sufficient for many people, so I often just reply "because I can" if I don't want to give a full explanation.  I have been thinking about this topic a lot and I have come up with many reasons for wanting to write a blog.  

First and foremost, I use writing to discover myself.  I am the type of person that often flits from one idea to the next.  When I write something down, it gives me focus.  For a blog post, I often have to do research and explore my feeling on a topic and pin myself down to how I really feel.  This is a method of self discovery.  Often people use journals or diaries to do the same thing.  My blog right now is all about self discovery and the journey that I am on. 

Secondly, I use my writing as a form of self expression.  Writing is a form of art in my opinion, just like music or 2 or 3 dimensional artwork.  Most artists use their works to release and express emotions and feeling.  I use writing in the same way.  I can be really angry about something then sit down and write a blog post about it and by the time I am finished writing, my anger is gone.  I have released that anger through my writing.  I guess you could call it venting, but it works.  Writing calms and centers me much like drawing or painting a picture.  So, while you are using your adult coloring books to relieve stress, I am writing my blog.  

Another reason I write my blog is for my ego.  I don't need to get famous, but I do like having a voice.  I feel that my opinion is interesting and that my experiences could help others.  I know that if I am having issues with something I like reading about people who are going through similar problems. I also like to read about other peoples view of things because they may have a different perspective on an issue than I do.  I am not the only one that feels this way, otherwise memoirs and biographies would not be read at all.  So, I am hoping that my blog can provide this for other people.  If someone is trying to lose weight, or going through a midlife crisis, I want them to be able to read my blog and realize that they are not the only one and that these things are common and maybe even learn something from me.  Or maybe they will learn what not to do from me, it is all a learning experience though.  

Lastly, you can make money from blogs.  That is not the purpose from my blog, otherwise I would not write the way I do.  If you notice most of the blogs that are trying to hit it big are all providing lessons and tips on how to make life easier.  Don't get me wrong, I love those blogs, and I read them,  but that isn't how I operate.  I write for me, not to make a buck.  If my blog happens to make money, great, I won't turn it down, but that is not the sole purpose.  I do eventually want to get back into creating art and may use my blog as a platform to sell it at some point, but I am not there yet. Also, I would like to someday maybe get into freelance writing, so having a blog is a great tool for launching that option because you already have writing samples online.   

Are you a writer?  Or a musician or artist?  Why do you create or write?  Are your reasons different from mine?  There have been many essays by many writers written on why they write.  I have not read any of those in awhile, but I am sure many of our reasons are the same.  


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Can I respond to two posts at once? My husband can't drive for six months. Since I work, he need to get Uber. He enjoys it.
    As far as this post, no one except maybe my husband understands why I write. It's sad. I feel like I have a secret life as a writer. I am blessed with many friends and a few relatives. No one except my husband ever asks about my blogging. It's such a part of me, but my closest contacts aren't interested because they don't understand. I don't want to bore people, so I don't talk about it, but I am certainly still going to do it.
    Thanks for contacting me yesterday. I enjoyed remembering our days over the typewriter with you.

    1. That's so funny, I totally feel like I have a secret life as a writer too. When I told my boyfriend about my blog, he thought I was writing about him. lol Of course I advised that there is a lot more to my life than just him.