Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My First Time Mudding

Did I mention that my boyfriend is a redneck?  A lot of people were surprised when we started dating because I pull off being a soccer mom so well.  They forget however that I grew up in Kentucky around a lot of rednecks.  So, hanging with my boyfriend feels like home to me.  

Well, after a long night of driving Uber on Saturday night, I had very little sleep and we went mudding Sunday morning.  I think my boyfriend thought I wouldn't like it because I come off as conservative and he has never really seen my adventurous side, but I loved it.  

There was a whole group of us that went which consisted of 5 vehicles.  That was a good thing because the mucky marshy area we were in had lots of obstacles and we had to pull vehicles out many times.  There were sandy trails and swimming holes too, it was really a great day.  

Unfortunately, I wish we had our own ATV.  Of course, we would have to get a truck to pull it too.  I keep telling myself "baby steps" since I am still recovering financially from being without a job for awhile.  But now, I have added these goals to my future.  

I love Florida nature.  I want to get kayaks again, and now an ATV.  In fact a cabin in the woods sounds nice too.  lol  I really need to win the lottery.  But in the meantime I am looking forward to going mudding again.  And I still have yet to get my boyfriend out in a kayak or on hiking trails.  

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  1. That sounds like fun! There are amazing different things to do in Florida. I lived in Tampa so we mainly hung around there but before we moved, we visited St. Augustine. It was really nice to explore and see a different part of Florida.