Friday, March 18, 2016

No Uber Last Night

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I didn't drive Uber last night.  I was hoping to because I need the money after paying for my daughter's prom dress, but I wasn't feeling well.  I had a headache and upset stomach all night.  Besides, my car is still covered with pollen from the week and it needs to be washed before I drive for Uber.

Here in Florida, we don't have to worry about snow on our vehicles, but several times of year our cars get covered by pollen.  My car has a yellow film on it and when you try to wash your windshield the pollen gums up into a paste.  It really is disgusting.  Luckily my apartment complex has a car wash area, so when I get home from work today, I will have to wash my car so I can drive Uber tonight.  I just hope this weekend is fairly busy with Uber since I didn't drive on St. Patrick's Day.

In the meantime, everyone here is dealing with the ridiculous amounts of pollen....

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