Sunday, March 6, 2016

No Uber This Weekend

Unfortunately, I was unable to drive Uber this weekend.  Friday night I turned it on for a couple of hours around 7:30 PM and didn't get a call by 9:00 PM.  By that time, I was so exhausted from my week, that I just went home and slept.

I am enjoying my new job, but the schedule is killing me.  My daughter has an 11:00 PM bedtime, so I feel like I need to stay up until then, but then my boyfriend gets up at 5:15 everyday.  So, if I fall asleep right away, I am only getting 6 hours of sleep a night which is not enough for me.  I need a minimum of 7 hours even though I do even better with 8 hours a night.  So, by the time the weekend comes around I am dealing with sleep deprivation and am exhausted.

I did get plenty of sleep on Friday since I went home early, but I still couldn't drive Uber on Saturday night because I attended a wedding.  The wedding was at 5:00 PM and I never got home until around 11;30 PM, and didn't have the energy to drive Uber when I got home.

I know I am going to regret not driving Uber this weekend since I will not get a paycheck this coming week. But, I can't change how that worked out.

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