Wednesday, March 9, 2016

One Night

I am a word and language nerd.  This is a story that was written in only short simple sentences.  

One Night  

 by Michelle Saunderson

The red sun fills the sky.  A purple shadow is cast on the ground.  People stare in awe.  Clouds shift in the kaleidoscope.  The moment is only brief.  Dusk follows.  A dog barks.  Lightening bugs twinkle in the grass.  A couple sits on a porch.  The smell of barbecue fills the air.  Children laugh.  The nightly news is heard through the window.  A siren is in the distance.  A woman jogs.  Crickets begin to chirp.  Frogs bellow in the pond.  The moon is full.  The streetlights come on.  Children retreat to their homes. Parents call for the lingering kids.  A howling begins.  The houses light up one by one.  Children are tucked into their beds.  A faint hint of jasmine can be smelled.  Cars idle down the street.  Teenagers return home from dates.  A girl is exchanging her first kiss.  Kisses are interrupted by porch lights.  Parents wait by the door.  A nervous father paces.  Cats squabble on the corner.  Children wet their beds.  A woman works till dawn.  A man makes a midnight snack.  Teens sneak a midnight movie.  People snore.  Novels are read.  Arguments are fought.  Love is made.  The world stands still.  A soft glow fills the horizon.  A sliver of light emerges.  Alarm clocks ring.  Coffee is brewed.  Breakfast is cooked.  Dogs are let outside for relief.  Children wipe sleepy eyes.  Traffic fills the roads.  Radios are heard.  Televisions are watched.  The temperature is increasing.  The sun slowly rises.  Birds begin to sing.  Crickets are at rest.  The red sun fills the sky.

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