Sunday, April 10, 2016

Boards on a Boardwalk

I went for a walk today at Turkey Creek Sanctuary.  I have not been there in a very long time and miss it dearly.  It is a nature park in the middle of the city of Palm Bay.  There are trails and a boardwalk that you can walk through.  It is magnificent.   A place to convene with nature that is right under our nose.   I took lots of pics and will uploading them into another post later.  

As I was walking, contemplating life, and enjoying nature, I looked down and noticed a memorialized board that spoke volumes to me.  On the boardwalk, people can donate money and have sayings or names, or whatever etched on the boards for all to see.  The above pic is of some of those boards.  The particular board I ran across was a board that had a man and a woman's name and stated that they will love each other forever.  It is very touching, until you realize that this couple (I am friends with the woman) went through a horrific divorce about 4 years ago.  Yet the declaration on the boardwalk still remains.  I wonder if my friend realizes that the board is still there.  And if she does, I wonder if it prevents her from going to the sanctuary and I wonder how many people tell her when they stumble across it.  

It makes you realize how fragile relationships really are.  I know that my friend thought she and her husband were just going through a rough patch and he left her abruptly for another woman.  My friend was devastated.  Yet, in this park there is a reminder of happier times, or at least the illusion of happier times.  It seems surreal.  A constant reminder of loss is on the boardwalk until that particular board disintegrates to a point that it will need to be replaced.  I wonder how many other boards have similar stories.  

As I was trying to sort out my own life, I was thinking about all these people that put their relationships out there for the world to see and wonder how many are still together.  With divorce rates what they are, probably not many are still together.  So, not only was I walking over memorial boards, but also boards that memorialized relationships that no longer exist.  I guess in a world where so many things are throw away and not permanent, I guess boards on a boardwalk are about as permanent as you get....  

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