Thursday, April 7, 2016

I Have that Face

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I have learned over the years that I have a familiar face.  There are other women out there that look just like me.  I get mistaken for someone else all the time.  In fact, I have had people that I have met argue with me that I am someone else.  Seriously?  I know who I am and who I have always been, and you are going to convince me otherwise?  What kind of insanity is that?  

I was working with a patient the other day at work and she made a comment that I had been working there a long time.  I advised her that I have only been at this job for a little over a month.  She swore that I have been there for years.  Really, why would I lie about that?  

When I started dating my boyfriend, one of his good friends thought I was someone else with quite a bad reputation.  When I met her, she acted like she knew me even though it was the first time I had ever spoken to her.  She asked me where I hung out and I told her and she didn't believe me and swore that I was the other person.  My boyfriend got paranoid and even took me to the establishment where my doppelganger hangs out to see if anyone there knew me.  Of course, no one did, so he finally had resolution with no more doubts.  

I always wonder if I have seen these women that supposedly look like me and never recognized them. Would I even recognize someone who looks like me?  It's not like I look in a mirror all day, so other people see me more than I see myself, so I wonder if I would recognize myself.  That is indeed a strange thought.  Maybe we run into each other and don't recognize someone who looks similar to ourselves.  It is all very bizarre.  

Do you have a doppelganger or two?  I must have several or the one or two I have must really get around a lot.  I just hope they never commit any crimes and I get pulled into a lineup because I look like them.  If people I converse with cannot tell the difference, how would an eyewitness know the difference.  That is a scary thought.  

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