Saturday, April 2, 2016

My Honey Bought a Truck

My honey bought a truck.  It is a 2000 Ford Ranger, so it is an old truck, but it is in good shape and reliable.  He got a good deal on it because he bought it from the company he works for.  The only problem is that now we have to get all the company logos off of it and it will probably need a new paint job too.  

I am happy because my boyfriend only had a work truck before so he could not use it for personal use.  So, for everything outside of work, he was borrowing my car.  I don't mind sharing, but there were times when I wanted to drive for Uber but I didn't want to leave him without transportation.  Now, I can pretty much work Uber whenever I want, which is a good thing.  

Of course there are all the benefits of having a truck too.  If/when I ever get into a house again, a truck will be very useful  

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