Friday, April 22, 2016

My Tribute to Prince

I was devastated yesterday when I found out Prince had died.  He is an icon and such a talented individual who pushed through boundaries and showed the world how much of a difference one person could make.  

I have the same birthday as Prince, June 7th.  For this reason, I have always looked for similarities between us and I would like to think that I found many. I would like to think that I am creative, outgoing, a little outlandish, definitely quirky and eccentric and possibly bigger than just my name can convey.  And of course Prince was all those things and more.  I felt almost like I had some kind of kinship with him so his passing really touched me. 

I was a teen in the 80's so Prince was a huge part of my growing up.  His song Nikki was definitely the 16 year old equivalent of the 12 year old reading the graphic Judy Bloom books!  It was a taboo subject in mainstream society that we were all into but tried to keep hush hush from the parents!  Prince led a movement that allowed for individualism and creativity beyond anything that existed previously.  I think that mainstream society really does not even know the extent of his talent.  Prince not only recorded his own music, but he wrote hit after hit for other artists as well.  The tome of music that he created is vast and far reaching. It is amazing to even think that one person could create so much.  

Of course beyond that, Prince was leading a movement in individualism which allowed self expression and sensuality.  I do believe that even though Prince was never known as a homosexual, he opened many doors for those who are.  He blurred the lines of what it means to be a man or a woman and taught us that we can be both masculine and feminine and still be respected and loved.  

Prince will be greatly missed.  I suspect that we are yet to find out really how far his influence was since he did not brag about how he helped others.  I am sure people that he has helped and influenced with come out of the woodwork and we will realize that Prince really was bigger than his name.  

Rest in peace, Prince, you are in good company with Bowie this year.  

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