Sunday, April 3, 2016

Uber After Dark - Spring Break

Uber seems to be a little slower since we are out of the the Spring Break season.  I didn't expect to be busy during spring break since Melbourne is not really a spring break destination.  But, there were nights when most of my pickups were spring breakers.  Most of these spring breakers either had parents that they were visiting here and they brought friends with them.  Or the local college kids (we have Florida Tech here) were hosting spring breakers from other schools.

I had a lot of pickups and drop offs at local college parties.  There were also quite a few college kids that were in the downtown bar area where I do most of my Ubering (is that a word? lol).  No surprises there.  

What did surprise me was that most of the college kids are more polite than the general population.  I get a lot more "yes ma'am's" than I normally do.  I found this really odd considering that the spring break crowd were considerably more drunk than my other pickups.  Only with the spring break crowd have I seen drunks picked up from a horizontal position to be put in my car by their caring friends.  There was a lot of helping others walk, and general drunkenness.  

One good thing about driving Uber is that when you deal with these drunken groups, there is always at least one caregiver in the group that is looking out for everyone else.  This is a given considering the fact that someone had to have the foresight and responsibility to even arrange for an Uber pickup.  I am not sure how the groups that did not have a responsible person with them got home, but I do know that there are a lot of responsible college kids that utilize Uber and look out for their friends too!  

I had a pickup last night from a college girl and she was telling me how she loves Uber.  She does not use it all the much herself because she plays college sports, but she loves it for her friends.  It was obvious that she is the caregiver of all her friends.  She said before Uber came to Melbourne she was constantly getting phone calls in the middle of the night from drunken friends that needed a ride home.  She said that now all her friends use Uber and she is relieved that she no longer has the duty to be the designated driver for everyone.  

It is stories like these that make me glad I am an Uber driver.  I do like making the money, but mostly, I like the feeling that Uber is a service to the community.  We are keeping drunk drivers off the road.  

And to all you Spring Breaker's:   thanks for using Uber and be especially kind to that caregiver in your group.  I have seen what they have to put up with, and they deserve some kudos!  

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