Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Work Drama

The last few weeks there has been major work drama.  I have trying to stay out of it, but it has been difficult to say the least.  To sum up the situation, someone got a promotion over someone with a ton of seniority.  Needless to say the apple cart has been upset.

The conspiracy theories have been flying and the rumor mills have been churning at an excessive rate.  I have been trying to dodge it as much as possible, but the tension in the office can often be cut with a knife.  In fact my move to another office seems to be part of the plan for the whole promotion so I have been questioned as to whether I was privy to the plan.  Why they would think the new girl would know all the management agenda is beyond me.

So, laying low has become my motto that I live by, because I really don't need more drama in my life.  I mean I already live with a 17 year old.

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